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Al-Wefaq: 2130 Bahrainis Stranded in Iran

2020-03-07 - 5:17 am

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society revealed that there are 2130 Bahrainis stranded in Iran due to the Coronavirus outbreak, adding that the regime in Bahrain is abandoning the least of its responsibilities, and has failed to return its citizens to their homeland.

The Society said in a statement on Thursday (March 5, 2020) that all countries have worked on evacuating their nationals and provided them with the needed conditions, except for the Bahraini regime that is evading all appeals.

It stressed that the regime is abandoning its humanitarian duties and ignoring what is happening to its citizens in these most difficult circumstances related to their safety and health.

The regime is also going against its Constitution that stipulates in Article (8): "Every citizen is entitled to health care. The State cares for public health and the State ensures the means of prevention and treatment by establishing a variety of hospitals and healthcare institutions," and Article (17-b): "It is prohibited to banish a citizen from Bahrain or prevent him from returning to it."

Al-Wefaq called for urgently taking up responsibility and facilitating the return of those stranded, emphasizing the need to work towards providing a high quality health environment and all the conditions of medical examination and follow-up, and learning from other countries that honor their citizens by treating them well, whether by examination, quarantine or medical follow-up.

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