Despite Coronavirus Concerns, Hajar Mansour Received with Kisses and Hugs

2020-03-07 - 4:03 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahrainis who went to welcome Hajar Mansour, who was released on Thursday (March 5, 2020), forgot that we are in the time of the Coronavirus, and that gatherings, kisses and hugs are now prohibited over fears of the virus outbreak. The truth of the matter is that Bahrainis have not forgotten this, but the joy of Hajar's release, who has been held in prison for 3 years over a politically-motivated case, was stronger than caution and fear.


Crowds of family members, relatives, beloved ones and congratulators gathered with no masks on their faces, no sanitizers, but only baskets of roses and coins thrown at Hajar with joy, and lots of cheers and prayers for her return.


Hajar completed a 3-year prison term over a bizarre charge of planning to plant a fake bomb, while her son-in-law, political activist Ahmed Al-Wadaei, director of the Bahrain Institute for Democracy and Human rights, says the arrest of his mother-in-law comes in retaliation for his political activism abroad.


Hajar particularly suffered major restrictions in prison, including monitoring her phone calls. When the Bahraini authorities released four female political prisoners, "Amira Al-Qashami, Faten Hussein, Hamida Jumaa and Mona Habib, " after a decision by the judge to have them serve the rest of their penalty (6 months) by receiving an alternative punishment, Hajar did not get such a ruling like the rest of her fellow inmates. 

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