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Foreign Affairs Ministry Urges Citizens Stuck in Iran to Register their details as Introduction to Evacuation

2020-02-28 - 6:54 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that it has begun implementing an evacuation plan for Bahraini nationals in Iran including screening and quarantine procedures, in response to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) across Iranian cities.

The Ministry called on all Bahraini citizens currently in Iran to register their details by calling: +97317227555

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with relevant entities in the Kingdom, will take all precautionary measures in order to guarantee the safety of Bahraini citizens currently present in Iran before their arrival in the Kingdom.

These will include all necessary preventative measures following their arrival at the Bahrain International Airport, including screening and quarantine procedures in order to ensure the safety of citizens and residents and public health in the Kingdom.

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