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Labor Ministry: Social Insurance, High Cost of Living Allowance, Disability Allowance and Housing Allowance to be Disbursed Today

2020-02-13 - 10:08 p

Bahrain Mirror: Ministry of Labor and Social Development confirmed that all administrative and technical measures have been taken, in coordination with all competent parties, to implement the cabinet's decision issued in its session on (January 27, 2020). The Cabinet decided to unify the date of subsidy disbursements to citizens across five programs under the Ministry of Labour and Social Development and the Ministry of Housing. Under the decision, the subsidies will be disbursed in one payment on the 15th of every month, starting from 15 February 2020. The operation will be monitored by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development. The first phase will exclude the allowance to improve the standard of living for retirees which will be disbursed at its current date, based on the directives of the Crown Prince.

The ministry stressed that government subsidies of social aids (social insurance) financial support (high cost of living allowance), disability allowance and housing allowance (rent allowance) will be disbursed of February 13, 2020 as 15 will be the second day of the weekend.

The meat subsidies will be disbursed starting April 15, along with the remaining amounts of other support programs due to citizens, at a rate of one payment every three months. The previous payment was made in the first week of January 2020 for the months of January, February and March 2020.

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