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Second Former Detainee to Die within Days Due to Illness

2020-02-03 - 9:12 p

Bahrain Mirror: Former detainee Sayed Kadhem Sayed Abbas Al-Sehlawi died on Monday (February 3, 2020) after struggle with diseases.

Al-Sehlawi is the second detainee to die due to illness this year. Two days ago, former detainee Hameed Khatem died in cancer.  

Kadhem, from Al-Sahla village, is in his 20s. He suffered from no disease before getting imprisoned. However, Kadhem got affected with cancer due to the poor health condition in prison.

He suffered medical negligence for 62 days during which he suffered severe pain in his stomach, back and nose. He had dangerous symptoms and was not transferred to hospital despite his insistence. The prison administration only transferred him to hospital two months later.

Tests made to him in 2018 at the military hospital revealed that he had a cancerous head tumor. The authorities did not listen to appeals from his family, who issued an appeal for his release. Al-Sehlawi then underwent a serious operation at the military hospital that lasted for 4 hours.

The results of the operation were frustrating, as he lost his sight and was sent back to prison after he became blind. After the prison administration was sure that the detainee was in a completely deteriorating health state, he was released.

Civil societies collected about 72,000 BD for Kadhem's treatment and he was sent for treatment in the United States, but he was in poor health and continued to suffer until he passed away today.

Hundreds of sick prisoners in Jaw Central Prison live in conditions similar to what late Khatem and Al-Sehlawi suffered.

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