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Retinal Detachment Patient Detainee Hussein Abdulaziz Released Two and Half Month before Finishing his Prison Term

2020-01-23 - 2:35 am

Bahrain Mirror: The security authorities released today (Wednesday, January 22, 2020) detainee, Hussein Abdulaziz Al-Marri, who is sentenced to 5 years in jail in a political motivated case.

Al-Marri (24 years) was released two and a half months before finishing his prison term within the alternative penalty law. He will remain under surveillance for the period left of his sentence.

The authorities also released today cancer patient detainee Elias Al-Mulla and multiple sclerosis patient detainee Mohammad Faraj. 

The authorities released in the past two months a number of political detainees within the alternative penalty law or for humanitarian reasons. This step was welcomed by opposition figures.

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