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Bahrain: Vast Raid Campaign, 10 Citizens Arrested within Hours

2020-01-17 - 7:58 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini authorities launched in the late hours of Tuesday (January 14) and Wednesday at dawn (January 15) a vast raid campaign, which resulted in the arrest of at least 10 citizens, according to "Rasd", a network specialized in security movements, raids and arrests.

According to the network and eyewitnesses, the raids were carried out in Diraz, Bani Jamra, Al-Qidam, Al-Daih, Al-Ekr and Al-Ma'amir.

The authorities arrested the grandson of Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, Ali Nasser, who was severely beaten during his arrest, as well as Sayed Falah Sayed Hasan, Laith Al-Dirazi and brothers Sayed Mohammad Sayed Baqer and Sayed Rida Sayed Baqer.

Ali Hasan Mansour, from Bani Jamra, was also arrested and transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department. Hasan Ali Rida was arrested from Al-Ma'amir, Yousef Ahmad Serham was arrested from Al-Ekr, Ali Al-Motawa was arrested from Al-Daih and Ali Jaafar Fetr was arrested from Al-Qidam.

Since 2011, authorities have been carrying out illegal raids that have resulted in the arrest of dozens of citizens. The arrested citizens are forced to make coerced confessions that are the basis for their prosecution, human rights groups say.

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