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Mol warns against Dealing with Accounts Managed Abroad, Aimed at Destabilizing Peace

2020-01-04 - 8:11 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Interior Ministry indicated that there are social media outlets managed from outside the country that aim at destabilizing peace and stability in Bahrain.

"As part of the recent and rapid regional developments, the social media accounts that aim to promote sedition, and work against civil peace, social fabric and security disturbance in Bahrain are managed from abroad. They should be avoided," it said.

The ministry stated "Legal steps would be taken against any social media account that violates general rules and deals with those accounts and provides them with wrong information from Bahrain, along with promoting their suspicious messages."

It added "Citizens and social media users are urged to be cautious and avoid speeches that promote national disunity. They should seek credibility before publishing any information and avoid reposting allegations."

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