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Al-Wefaq Documents 88 Violations in Bahraini Prisons within One Week

2019-12-19 - 3:54 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said that it documented a number of violations, abuses and human rights crimes in Bahrain within the first week of December.

The number of violations inside the Bahraini regime prisons, between the 1 and 7 December, reached 88, including 76 cases of deprivation of treatment. In addition, there were 7 cases of enforced disappearance and 31 raids on homes, residential establishments and regions. Moreover, 18 citizens were arrested and brought to trial, and arbitrary prison sentences were issued against citizens.

The 88 prison violations were as follows: 2 cases of torture, 10 cases of ill-treatment, and 76 cases of deprivation of treatment, including those suffering from chronic or incurable diseases. The violations were mainly in Jaw Prison, while two cases of deprivation of treatment and two cases of torture were monitored at the Dry Dock Prison.

More than 70 detainees in Building 12, cell 2, of Jaw Prison suffered from scabies, which started to spread 5 months ago due to poor health conditions in the prison. Pollution of tank water in the prison was detected, and detainees were prevented from receiving clothes from their families and were forced to buy bad clothes. They are allowed to go outside to be exposed to the sun for only one hour, which is not enough because it includes prayer, calls, and washing clothes. In addition, the detainees complain that the sun exposure area is full of insects and mice, and sewage pass in the middle of it.

Despite the detainees' demands to improve health conditions and receive the necessary treatment, the security authorities still procrastinate meeting their demands, and do not bring dermatologists to the prison clinic.

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