Case of Int'l Passports and Visas Fraud Network Adjourned until Dec. 30 for Ruling

2019-12-14 - 8:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Appeals Court postponed the ruling in the challenge of 18 appellants convicted of forming an international passports and visas fruad netwrok until December 30.

The case involves public officials recruited by the first accused "Arab national" in order to help him finish the transactions.

The court issued prison sentences ranging between 3 and 23 years against the defendants.

The Public Prosecution accused the defendants of forging visas for the UAE and other countries, and selling them to people of different nationalities in exchange for amounts of money estimated at 135,170,760 dinars and other amounts of money. Some of the defendants transferred the funds collected from crimes of visa forging with the intention to hide their source and legitimize them. 

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