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Salam Org. for Manama Dialogue Participants: Urge Authorities to Create Atmosphere for Dialogue & National Reconciliation

2019-11-23 - 9:04 p

Bahrain Mirror: Salam for Democracy and Human Rights addressed the participants in the Manama Dialogue in a statement it issued yesterday (November 22, 2019) in which it said that "the rule of law based on an independent legislative authority representing the people and aligned with international human rights conventions and treaties, is essential to achieve permanent peace and effective protection of human rights, economic progress and sustainable development, which Bahrain currently lacks."

The Manama Dialogue Conference, to be held in Bahrain from 22 to 24 November, will discuss "security and stability issues in the region, and ways to address current problems and challenges."

"Despite the apparent stability that prevails in the general atmosphere in Bahrain as a result of the security grip and the suppression of freedom of opinion, the reality reveals the existence of political, security, economic and human rights challenges in the country," the organization said.

Salam for Democracy and Human Rights invited all the participants in the Manama Dialogue Conference to urge the authorities in Bahrain, during discussing the issues of conflict management and stability in the Middle East, international law and Middle East security, on the need to respect international law and freedoms, public and human rights, including lifting ban on all forms of civil society institutions and political associations, and the need to create positive climates with the opposition, release prisoners of conscience and engage in national dialogue and reconciliation to reach a national consensus to put an end to the crises Bahraini is witnessing".

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