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Bahrain Naturalizes Brazilian player Tiago Augusto, Adds him to National Team to Play in Gulf Cup

2019-11-22 - 10:25 p

Bahrain Mirror: Dubai Sports Channel said via its website that Bahrain has naturalized Brazilian player Tiago Augusto, and will add him to its team to play in the upcoming Gulf Cup in Doha, Qatar.

"The regulations allowed the Bahraini national team to summon Brazilian Tiago Augusto to participate with Al-Ahmar in the upcoming Gulf 24 championship in Doha," Dubai Channel said.

Thiago played several seasons in Bahrain in the Manama team shirt, before recently joining Al-Muharraq team, which paved the way for his naturalization and addition to the team.

It is the first time the Brazilian-born striker receives an invitation. He will play in the Bahraini team instead of Abdullah Yusuf, the star of Slavia Prague.

Thiago also had a professional experience in the Malaysian league before returning to play in Bahrain. 

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