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Elected Governments are Future Gulf Citizens are Waiting for: Salam President during London Conference

2019-11-18 - 8:15 p

Bahrain Mirror: President of Salam for Democracy and Human Rights Jawad Fairooz said "security and stability in the region are not achieved through the construction of military bases, but through the stability of internal situation based on the democratic process."

During his participation in the Gulf States and aspired future conference held in London to discuss the current barriers to development and the most important reforms to be considered in order to promote the political, human rights and media environment in the region, Fairooz noted that "there is an elected government in the United Kingdom," adding that "this is the future the Gulf citizen is waiting for".

"The vision of Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia and Hamad bin Isa in Bahrain is not based on real political reforms or human rights, so it is false," he said. He stressed that "security and stability can only be achieved through ongoing political reforms and human rights respect."

Fairooz further stated that "the achievements in the Western countries were the result of struggle and we must start from where they ended. No one should try to convince us that our conditions in the Gulf are different."

"The Prime Minister, Interior Minister, Finance Minister, and Foreign Affairs Minister in Bahrain are all from the ruling family, what gives the ruling family all this power?" he wondered.

Jawad Fairooz concluded by saying "How can it be believed that there are reforms in Bahrain while citizens are languishing behind bars or prevented from participating in the elections; let alone the ban on the opposition community and citizenship revocation." 

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