5-Year Prison Term Handed down to Arab Businessman Banned from Traveling for Attempting to Leave Bahrain Using His Employee's Passport

2019-11-13 - 7:15 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Criminal Court issued a 5-year jail term against an Arab national businessman who attempted to leave Bahrain using the passport of an employee who works in his company without telling him, with the help of an Asian employee. The businessman was caught at the airport.

The court also sentenced his assistant to 5 years in jail and ordered their deportation after serving their jail terms.

A notice had been received from a lieutenant in the Department of Economic Crimes that they have a news that a wanted Arab national will leave the country through Bahrain International Airport using another person's passport. After inquiry, it was found that he had booked a ticket in the name of someone he worked with. The suspect was arrested at the airplane's gate where he was expected to arrive.

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