Appeals Court Upholds Verdicts against 9 Defendants Accused of Managing "Ahrar Damistan" Account

2019-11-13 - 6:21 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Appeals Criminal Court rejected the appeals of a convict sentenced to two years in prison and upheld verdicts issued against 8 others in a case of managing an account on social media outlets.

The first instance court had sentenced the first suspect to 3 years in jail, fined him 100,000 BD and issued another 3 year-jail term against him over other charges. It also issued one-year jail term against the second, third and fourth suspects and fined each of them 2000 BD and issued 2-year-prison term against the fifth, sixth, seventh and eights suspects, and 3-month jail term against the ninth in a case of managing "Ahrar Damistan" account on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. 

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