Court Abolishes Citizenship Revocation Sentence, Upholds Life Imprisonment against Defendant

2019-11-12 - 8:56 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Appeals Criminal Court abolished citizenship revocation sentence against a suspect in a political case and upheld life sentence and 100,000 BD fine against him.

The court overturned the decision to revoke his nationality on the basis of Decree 16/ 2019, which canceled the powers of judiciary in revoking citizenships of individuals prosecuted under the Terrorism Act.

The authorities claim that the suspect received instructions from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and worked with "Bahraini Hezbollah" group.

The first instance court sentenced 69 defendants to life imprisonment, 39 to 10 years in jail, 23 others to 7 years and one to 5 years. The court also issued 3-year-jail term against 6 defendants, acquitted 30 defendants of charges, and ordered the court to revoke the nationalities of 138 defendants.

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