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Official Denies Contributing Increase in Electricity Bill to Smart Meters

2019-10-29 - 9:17 p

Bahrain Mirror: A representative of the Electricity and Water Authority said during a municipal meeting that smart meters are innocent of the charge of high prices, and that the rise in some invoices is due to a mistake in some estimates and billing calculations.

He added in his review of the differences between smart meters and traditional meters, that Al-Muharraq will be the first governorate to benefit from these meters, as the number of meters in the governorate is about 75000.

He also pointed out in his response to a question to one of the members that the billing is calculated on a monthly rather than a daily basis, and that smart meters will contribute to ending the problem of discretionary reading and increasing the privacy of the consumer. He continued that there will be no need for any employee to attend to read the meters.            

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