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Hosting Zionists is Slump for Gov't, Confirmation for its Approach towards Normalization

2019-10-25 - 6:31 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini Society against Normalization with Zionist Enemy said on Tuesday that it "monitored the conference convened to discuss maritime security in the Arab Gulf in Manama, which was held as a continuation to Warsaw Conference at American orders in an attempt to revive its project." The society was surprised by the images circulated on social media outlets showing a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the usurped Zionist entity and in front of her a sign that read "Israel" with the State of Bahrain logo next to it.

The society stressed in a statement that the people of Bahrain, in all its components, considered this image as a stab in their back. It added that the land is being desecrated day after another by Zionists, in order to satisfy the US administration so that the Bahraini government prove that normalization has become a political orientation.

Bahraini Society against Normalization further stated that despite condemning the policy adopted by the government of Bahrain, it, once again, draws the government's attention to the historic experience of the Arab regimes that normalized their relations with the usurper entity so that it may return to the right path.   

The society reiterated its calls to the Bahraini government and those of the Arab world to reflect their peoples' will, seek to create a unified Arab policy that rejects normalization with Israel, support resistance until liberating the lands of Palestine and achieve the desired Arab unity as well as full political independence for the Arab decision, which depends on the US and other states. 

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