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Iran: Calling Israel to Participate in Manama Security Conference Regrettable

2019-10-23 - 8:19 p

Bahrain Mirror: Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi regretted Bahrain's invitation of Israeli delegation to participate in security conference in Manama.

Mousavi said in a press statement on Monday (October 21, 2019) that hosting Israel in Manama Summit is regrettable. He stated that it is unfortunate that a country which calls itself Islamic invites an entity that has practiced crimes against the Arab nation for 70 years and is seeking to normalize relations with it. The influence of Iran in the country is old and historic and they will not be able to achieve their goals with the usurper entity (Israel)."

Answering a question on the Bahraini Minister of Foreign Affairs claims on transfer of arms and explosives from Iran to Bahrain, he said: we have nothing to do with this country. These claims are rejected.

He added: They have to solve their security problems inside [their own country]. Such a blame game against great countries like Iran are worthless. We wish the good and wellbeing for all countries of the region, particularly Bahrain, if they are after stability, good neighborliness, and good will. Iran is after dialogue and intimate relations with each and every one of these countries.

"The initiatives we suggested have been put forward for discussion. They can review them and keep away from some illusions and problems," Mousavi stated.

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