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CSB Hindering Scholarships of 6 Doctors: Health Ministry

2019-10-23 - 7:04 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Health Ministry said that it finished the scholarship procedures of 30 doctors working at the Al-Salmaniya to obtain training in subspecialties according to the ministry needs, in cooperation with the Civil Service Bureau. Meanwhile, 6 requests are still pending with the bureau.

The ministry said in a press statement that it followed 30 requests of training doctors and completion of the procedures, adding that the training affairs directorate in the health ministry continues to contact with the group of doctors whose requests haven't been completed, in order to keep them updated.

The hindering of scholarships of 6 doctors at Al-Salmaniya by the bureau is still unknown, although their procedures have been completed by the health ministry.

Last week 6 doctors at Al-Salmaniya submitted an official letter to Prime complaining about suspending their scholarship procedures by the civil service bureau.

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