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MP Says People Employed by Nepotism in Civil Service Bureau, Evidence Found

2019-10-16 - 7:45 p

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini Member of Parliament said "nepotism plays a major role in the Civil Service Bureau," announcing that he has irrefutable evidence and people to prove this. The MP also confirmed his willingness to cooperate.

MP Isa Al-Qadi said during the House of Representatives session yesterday (October 15, 2019): "Ten years have passed and the Civil Service Bureau has not contacted anyone for employment. Meanwhile there are others who are contacted only one day after applying for employment because of nepotism. It is unfair that unemployed people keep looking for work for many years, while some graduate today and get hired the following day."

However, the Parliament and Shura Council Affairs Minister Ghanim Al-Buainain replied "give me the evidence and I am ready to cooperate with you". 

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