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MPs Submit Requests to Form 3 Commissions of Inquiry on Economic Stagnation, Housing and Health

2019-10-16 - 5:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: Three requests on the establishment of parliamentary commissions of inquiry on topics related to housing, health and economic stagnation were submitted by a Parliamentary bloc yesterday, with the participation of number of MPs, according to the Al-Ayam newspaper.

MP Ahmed Al-Saloum submitted with 15 MPs a request to the bureau yesterday demanding the formation of a commission to investigate the economic stagnation. The request addressed several topics, most notably the closure of a large number of commercial institutions, large number of commercial records cancelled by their owners, increase in the number of cheques without balance, and many cases related to financial disputes before the courts as well as the significant increase in number of shops and apartments without tenants, the stop of real estate investment and increase in troubled projects.

MP Zeinab Abdulamir, along with 11 MPs, submitted a request to establish an investigation commission on the health ministry. The commission will deal with the results of the former investigation commissions, the availability of adequate medicines and treatment devices, appointments and patient waiting, and availability of doctors.

MP Hamad Al-Kooheji, along with 11 MPs, also requested the formation of a commission of inquiry on the Ministry of Housing, that will address several topics, including the distribution criteria of housing applications, distribution of housing vouchers and loans, cost of building a housing unit and the way to deal with the allocated budget, standards of designing housing units, housing areas in residential units, and (Mazaya) project.

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