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Health of Hunger Strike Detainee Osama Al-Saghir Deteriorates

2019-09-26 - 5:49 p

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh said that the health of Osama Al-Saghir, who is sentenced to 60 years in prison, deteriorated on Tuesday (September 24, 2019). She said Al-Saghir fainted and fell on the ground in the restroom.

She added that the detainee who has been on hunger strike since 15 days suffered from bleeding due to fainting and falling on the ground. Al-Saegh said that although the bleeding stopped, it left him with an injury and pain, along with his continued denial of phone calls and spending time in the outside yard.


For his part, the detainee's father said that his son has been on hunger strike since September 11, 2019 and that he only demands "a private visit, a coat and blanket to keep him warm."

Osama Al-Saghir has been voluntarily refraining from visits for 9 months due to degrading search his mother is exposed to during visiting him, noting that she suffers from heart disease. Osama demands to grant his mother a private visit for him in prison taking into account her health conditions.

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