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Al-Wefaq Official Says Regime's Crackdown on Clerics & Ashura Manifestations Not Less Heinous than Crimes Committed by Iraq Tyrant

2019-09-07 - 7:56 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi described the Bahraini regime's targeting of clerics and eulogy reciters as well as the crackdown on Ashura manifestations as a crime not less heinous than that committed by the "tyrant of Iraq" (late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein).

"The Bahraini regime is wrong if it believes that it can bring down the values of the Husseini revolution through intimidation campaigns against the commemoration of the Husseini Islamic rituals during Ashura," he said.

Sheikh Al-Daihi addressed the regime, saying: "You will not be able to fight Al-Hussein and his revolution. Anyone who stood up against Al-Hussein is now in the ash heap of history, and you will not be an exception."

"The regime's targeting of clerics, preachers and eulogy reciters, in addition to attacking some Ashura manifestations is a heinous crime not less than that committed by the tyrant of Iraq (former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein) when he bombed the Dome of Imam Al-Hussein shrine. Those who insist on targeting Ashura every year should remember the fate of all tyrants who fought Imam Al-Hussein and failed and were followed by the curse of history."

Addressing the clerics, preachers and eulogy reciters, Sheikh Al-Daihi said "The harms that is happening to you today as well as the abuse and intimidation by the Bahraini regime is in the eyes of God and Imam Al-Hussein. Your endurance of this harm in order to establish the truth and confront falsehood, not fearing these provocations, is proof of you following Al-Hussein's footsteps.

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