Justice Minister Fails to Defend Bahraini "Al-Morabiti" in His Case with Bengali

2019-09-03 - 12:41 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): "The dog of Shaikhs is a Shaikh" is an idiom used by Bahrainis to describe the state of encroachment imposed by the boys and employees of Al Khalifa ruling family, as the dogs [henchmen] of Al Khalifa enjoy the same "rights" of the ruling family; they can attack Bahraini citizens without any legal deterrent.  

Lawyer Ahmad Al-Morabiti was not the first victim and of course he is not the last. He was left as others to confront a Bengali who works for the king's cousin. The Bengali businessman residing in Bahrain, Aman Abdulrahman Hanif, threatened to kill Al-Morabiti.

According to Al-Morabiti, Hanif threatened to send people to attack him [Al-Morabiti] and use his influence to fabricate cases against him if he accepts the case of a complainant.

Hanif works for Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, cousin of the Bahraini king, and co-owns Ahmadiya real estate, as well as restaurants, workshops and car exhibitions.

The lawyer says that he saved the audio recordings of the threats, which include an insult against Bahrain's Justice Minister Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa.

Hanif is fully aware that the law will not affect him as long as he works for the king's cousin, and Al-Morabiti will not be able to take justice for his client, who demands financial claims from Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, even if he resorts to the judiciary.

The Bengali Hanif threats show the foreigners encroachment on Bahraini citizens, while the pending cases in courts show that no one can recover financial rights from any member of the Al Khalifa family or anyone working for them.

According to previous figures, there are more than 400 cases in execution courts against Al Khalifa family members which remain unresolved. The rights of claimants are suspended for many years until they waive or accept cheap settlements.

According to earlier statements by lawyer Fatima Al-Hawaj, the execution judges refuse to take executive orders against Al Khalifa members. Judges send the case files along with the verdicts to the ruling family council and they always receive no response.

While dozens of defaulters are held in Bahraini prisons, none of the Bahraini law provisions is applied to defaulters or thieves from the ruling family.

More than 550 defaulters have applied to the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry to help settle their debts, but they have not received sufficient support.

Hanif knows that the Minister of Justice can do nothing when it comes to individuals who are closer to the king than him, as it is the case with the son of Sheikh Mohammed, who controls Souq Waqif and owns hundreds of properties in various parts of Bahrain.

The security and judicial authorities will once again fail the "Hanif test", simply because Hanif works for the king's cousin. The Minister of Justice cannot seek redress from one of Shaikh Ahmed bin Mohammed's dog, so how can he redress the wrong done to Al-Murabiti.

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