Nursing Graduates in Bahrain Unemployed while Bahrain Embassy Seeks Nurses for Military Hospital from Jordan

2019-08-15 - 11:33 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Social media outlets circulated an ad about one month ago published in Jordanian newspapers in which the Military Mission of the Embassy of Bahrain was looking to hire people for positions in the military hospital.

The ad published in the Jordanian newspapers said that the military hospital in Bahrain is looking for male and female nurses. The announcement also stated that the job opportunities for nurses are in the following specialties: obstetrics, maternity ward, pediatrics, intensive care for preterm infants, orthopedic surgery, burn treatment/intensive care unit, dental specialty/dental clinic, ear-nose and throat surgery, patient wards, intensive care and midwifery.

This announcement comes at a time when Bahrain is witnessing a backlog of unemployed health graduates in Bahrain including doctors and nurses. A statistics carried out by unemployed nurses in Bahrain in 2017 found that 56% of nursing graduates are unemployed, while 30.2% work as nurses, 5% work in different jobs in the private health sector and 8.8% work in other jobs. There is no recent statistics on the number of unemployed nurses and whether some of them have been employed since then.

Bahrainis wonder why the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain represented by the Bahraini Military Mission announces its need for Jordanian nurses rather than Bahraini, and why instead of offering these jobs to Bahrainis, they are being offered abroad. Why does Bahrain continue to ignore the number of unemployed professionals in the country, while bringing in and hiring non-Bahrainis instead of the country's citizens? There is no answer but this is Bahrain.

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