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Al-Wahdawi Freezes Membership of One of Its Members after Insulting "Divine Entity"

2019-08-06 - 7:16 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Central Committee of the Unitary National Democratic Assemblage (Al-Wahdawi party) decided to freeze the membership of one of its political office members after writing comments on social media outlets that irritated citizens for insulting the divine entity.

It said in a statement issued by Al-Wahdawi that the central committee decided in its meeting on Monday (August 5, 2019) to "freeze the membership of its political office member Ali Mohammad Saeed Ali Jassim over this condemned personal act he did on one of the social media outlets."

The committee considered "this shameful act totally rejected and doesn't comply with Al-Wahdawi principles, aims and approach."

It concluded saying that "Ali Jassim's membership will be dismissed as soon as a verdict is issued against him, according to Al-Wahdawi statute, clause 6 of article 22."  

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