Letter of Martyr Ahmad Al-Malaliís Father to his Son: How Can a Father Prepare Himself for his Sonís Execution in 15 Minutes?

Ahmad Al-Malali with his father
Ahmad Al-Malali with his father

2019-08-05 - 8:30 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Father of martyr Ahmad Al-Malali was very eloquent in the letter he wrote to his son. His letter was full of pain and pride, and as expressive as the first lesson he whispered in Ahmad's ear: "Allah is greater than anything" until that last bullet that dwindled in the face of the pride that embraced the martyr and his family.

The martyr's father posted the letter on his Instagram page and attached a happy photo of him with his son; an eloquent letter full of pride and strength despite the sorrow he feels over his son's death. Bahrain Mirror received the text of this genuine letter which is as follows:

O Dearest,

24 years ago, a baby of mine was born and I chose for him the best name: Ahmad..

I held him in my arms. My heart carried him since the good news announcing his arrival to this life. I recited "Allah is Great" in his right ear, then did the same in his left, teaching him the first lesson in his new world: Allah is greater than anything, no matter how great you become..

I then watched him grow up in my heart. I saw him sit, crawl, then lean on things to walk his first steps. I heard the best word from him: Baba. The effect of this word is still present to this day.

I watched him shine day after day, making his life, which I became surer by the day cannot be calculated by days, since it is as old as this land with unbiased loyalty. Is it true that this hero is my son? The one who waited for the first bullet to target his heart at sea, but the bullet chose his shoulder instead? The one who crossed the land by his feet and left his footprints in its soil and who lived his days with nothing but his faith?

Then God willed that he enjoys martyrdom.

O Dearest,

Do you know that whenever a father's heart breaks, he leans on his son, but then this son is gone and the father is left with a hunched back? How can he stand tall while the prison officer tells him: "Say goodbye to your son. There are 15 minutes left." How does a father prepare himself for his son's death in 15 minutes while he spent a lifetime preparing himself for his son's life? [...] What is beautiful is that I [believe] my son wasn't alone at that time. The bullet was fired. He didn't fall. He was carried to heaven.

It is beautiful that I also waited for his wedding. I imagined the ceremony and preparing the list of invitees. I envisioned fixing his "Ghetrah" but God granted him what is more beautiful.

The wedding shall be held in heaven and the invitees are its people. It is beautiful that I stand next to you and I carry your heart with content and kindness embracing us from the most tender mother in the universe: Lady Fatima Al-Zahraa. I don't think there is something more beautiful.

To read the letter in PDF: Letter of Martyr Ahmad Al-Malali’s Father to his Son: How Can a Father Prepare Himself for his Son’s Execution in 15 Minutes?

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