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Ayatollah Qassim: The Martyrs are Witnesses to the Injustice People Suffer, People have Right to Strive to Regain Freedom

2019-08-01 - 3:26 p

Bahrain Mirror: The three Bahrainis who have fallen victims are "witnesses to the dark injustice to which their people have been subjected," said the Shiite spiritual leader in Bahrain Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, who called for continued pursuit of "the right to religion, freedom and dignity."

"Our last martyrs in Bahrain, who have returned joyful to their Lord as those before them God willing, bear witness to the dark oppression that their people have been suffering from, as well as the violations, desecration of sanctities and destruction of humanity," Ayatollah Qassim said in a statement.

"They have fallen as martyrs of the homeland, nation, and humanity, and they have a right that everyone should fulfill, which is to strive to recover the right to religion, freedom, dignity, a safe life and justice," he added.

He said that: "It's strange how the regime is in Bahrain. On the one hand, it proudly announces that it has crushed the popular movement, and on the other hand, it does not stop, not even for one day the ongoing series of summonses, house raids, interrogations, trials, arrests and unjust convictions based on torture, extraction of confessions under the influence of pain, toughening of sentences to up to 100 years' imprisonment or more, deportation, murder, withdrawal of nationality, horrific pursuit, enforced disappearances and unethical attacks targeting one's dignity, honor, religion, and bodily integrity, toxic gases that made many lose their lives, shotgun pellets that impaired some and killed others, and the fabrication of major charges against politicians and rights activists."

He further wondered how "the regime links the calmness of the situation and the cessation of the movement to the people's surrender, content and supportive position with the regime, all while it carries on with this oppression against the people, by imprisoning, killing and committing all forms of atrocities and heinous acts against them!


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