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Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim Calls to Resist Injustice

2019-07-25 - 7:24 p

Bahrain Mirror: Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim issued a statement on Wednesday (July 24, 2019) in which he called to resist injustice and not to surrender to it.

He said in his statement "The worst injustice, the most dangerous, and the most severe in eliminating justice, destroying security, disrupting life, obstructing growth, impoverishing people, spreading corruption, inciting sedition, and wasting rights is when an individual, tribe, or party appoints themselves as the caretakers of the people and their lives, money, interests, sacred things, valuables and security, but become the people's fierce predators that steal their living and betray everything they have entrusted them with, noting that their weapon in all of this is the product of the people's effort, sweat and hard work. They make themselves the absolute masters who do not see in the people - or nation - whom they govern except owned slaves, who have no share of freedom; in fact, they see themselves as the absolute God who others kneel to, worship, obey, are loyal to and prostrate before his greatness."

"It is not right to remain silent before this injustice. One does not fulfil his religious obligation, and people's religion and world are not preserved, unless they reject and fight injustice and exert every effort to get rid of it," Sheikh Qassim added.

He further stated "The whole nation must raise its voice high against this injustice, and say (o your injustice, no to your dictatorship, and no bowing or kneeling except for God)."

"This nation cannot be humiliated, and its religion does not allow it to weaken, or tolerate vulnerability. It is a nation of righteousness, strength, rebirth, pride, glory and honor."

Ayatollah Isa Qassim called on citziens to work, rise, resist and achieve prosperity.

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