Martyr Mohammad Al-Moqdad’s Mother Says with Tears: My Son Graduated from University and Achieved Martyrdom

2019-07-29 - 11:54 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): "My son obtained his Bachelor's degree in business from India and then achieved martyrdom while advocating for the cause," with these words Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Moqdad's mother, Zahra Al-Hayiki, answered the people mourning her son, who was martyred as a result of toxic tear gas fired by the Ministry of Interior forces at a peaceful protest staged on July 27 at night against the crime of executing Ahmad Al-Malali and Ali Al-Arab.

"I am satisfied and proud that my son died oppressed rather than being the oppressor," Al-Hayiki said, as her sisters surrounded her and tried to calm her down. The mother couldn't bear the sight of her son's coffin being carried over the shoulders of mourners. Her sister continued to reassure and encourage her to watch the funeral procession and bid farewell to her son, telling her that "Mohammad became a source of pride to you. You have become a mother of a martyr."

The mother pulled herself together and stood looking at the coffin of her beloved son, who had just returned with a university degree from India. Mohammad used to comfort her wounded heart in the absence of her eldest son, Hussein, who has been imprisoned for years. She stood looking at the crowds of people carrying her son's lifeless body with tears.

After activists and opposition forces announced the martyrdom of Mohammad Al-Moqdad, the Interior Ministry rushed to deny its involvement in a tweet saying: "Death of a 22 year old at Salmaniya Medical Complex due to natural causes. Capital Police confirm circumstances not suspicious and medical report confirms illness as cause of death."

However, the Al-Moqdad's mother denied the Interior Ministry's narrative in a video clip and said: "My son didn't suffer from heart disease or any other disease. He takes no medications and was in good health."

والدة الشهيد محمد المقداد ترفع صورة ابنها


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