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Bahraini Dissident Climbs onto Bahraini Embassy Rooftop in London in Protest against Imminent Execution of Al-Arab and Al-Malali

2019-07-27 - 3:08 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini dissident Mousa Abed Ali climbed onto the Bahraini embassy rooftop in London in protest against the imminent execution of Ahmad Al-Malali and Ali Al-Arab.

Abed Ali held a banner demanding the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to interfere to stop the execution of the two youths whose confessions were extracted under torture.

While being on the rooftop of the Bahraini embassy, one of the embassy's employees tried to throw him of the building, according to eye witnesses. Meanwhile, a number of embassy employees bet him with wooden blocks, Mousa Abed Ali said after he left the building.

The British police had to storm the embassy building to put an end to this. They took Abed Ali to one of the detention center after being treated in the ambulance due to severe beating.   

الشرطة البريطانية خلال تواجدها عند مبنى السفارة البحرينية

صورة بثها نشطاء قاولوا إن أحد حراس سفير البحرين في لندن حاول خلالها إلقاء الناشط عبدعلي من على سطح السفارة

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