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Traveler Compensated BD2000 after her Reservation was Canceled

2019-07-25 - 5:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: Four years following the date of her flight to attend a wedding in Sudan, the High Appeals Civilian Court ordered a traveling company to compensate a traveler 2000 BD, because the company canceled her seat on the grounds that the number is complete, despite the confirmation of the reservation on the company's website.

The court stated that the company's failure to comply with its contractual obligation is a mistake that entailed liability and is not lifted except by an evidence that the non-implementation is due to force majeure or fault.

The lawyer of the plaintiff, whose case lasted for 4 years, said that her client bought a ticket "Bahrain-Khartoum-Bahrain" from a traveling company to attend a family wedding. The reservation was confirmed on the company's website. However, she was surprised in the airport that her reservation was canceled on grounds that the number if complete. The company delayed her travel for one who day, thus, she missed the wedding she was intending to attend. The plaintiff demanded the company to compensate her with 3000 BD for the damage it caused to her, in addition to the fees, expenses and attorney's fees as well as calculating 10% legal interest from the date of raising the lawsuit until that of payment. 

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