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Learn about Reality of Situation in Bahrain with Human Rights Forum Numbers

2019-07-24 - 10:36 p

Bahrain Mirror: In a press conference held in Beirut, the president of the Bahrain Human Rights Forum, Baqir Darwish, presented the annual report of the Forum for 2018 with a number of documented figures on the forms of violations practiced against Bahrainis.

"During 2018, 791 cases of torture and ill-treatment were observed in Bahrain," said Darwish.

According to Darwish, there were 936 cases of arbitrary detention, 207 cases of enforced disappearance, 1155 malicious sentences issued after unfair trials and 1056 unlawful raids on houses and residential facilities.

The report noted that the number of illegal house raids reached 539. There were also a number of raids outside houses, including 52 cases from courtrooms, 82 cases from the streets, 5 cases during visits with detained relatives in Dry Dock prison, and 38 cases on border crossings.

Ill-treatment tops the list of violations related to physical and mental torture, with 539 cases monitored. Deprivation of treatment comes in second place, but at a high rate, with 184 cases prevented from receiving treatment and health care. Cases of torture that were monitored were 64.

The month of January was the highest in the number of arrests in 2018, with 155 arrests, including 11 children, while March came in second with 118 arbitrary arrests, including 31 children and one woman, which was the month with the highest number of child arrests.

September was also among the months that recorded the most widespread arrests, with 101 arrests, including 9 children. Arrests continued over the course of other months at varying rates.

In 2018, the number of arrested children reached 139. The number of arrests of children increased in March amounting to 31 from different parts of Bahrain. In November, 20 children from different areas across Bahrain were taken into custody.


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