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Detainee Ali Al-Ghanemi Demands Investigating Attack They Suffered in Building 13 in Jaw Prison

2019-07-23 - 5:28 p

Bahrain Mirror: Detainee Ali Al-Ghanemi demanded the competent parties to take action in order to save him as well as the other political prisoners who are being ill-treated and tortured due to demanding their rights.

Al-Ghanemi words came during a phone call with his family after they lost contact with him for 8 days after he and some of his other companions were held in solitary confinement.

Al-Ghanemi called on the special investigation unit to look into the effects of attack against him and the consequences of keeping his hands cuffed throughout his stay in solitary confinement although he suffers from rheumatism, before the signs vanish, with the need to investigate one of the officers on duty, as all of this took place under his supervision.

The authorities attacked prisoners in building 13 after they protested against water cut off and number of other restrictive measures. Thus, the prison administration transferred 5 of the detainees to solitary confinement, including Al-Sehlawhi, as a punishment.

Bahrain's prison administration is taking retaliatory steps against political prisoners aiming at humiliating them, while there is no serious mechanism by the king's appointed judicial authorities to hold perpetrators accountable.

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