Bahrainis Not at All United against “Al Jazeera” Film

2019-07-19 - 1:09 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahraini government loyalists are bragging about how the people are allegedly united in confronting "What is Hidden is Worse" program aired by Al Jazeera channel. "The people have forgotten their differences and rebuke of the government, as well as their livelihood pressures and necessities; they threw all of this behind their backs and supported their leadership," claimed a writer in the local Bahraini Al-Watan newspaper. All of this is untrue. This unity exists only in the imagination of its claimers and in the "patriotic" poems and songs that have never backed any oppressed person and have not given anyone's right back. The majority of the Bahraini people know direction of their compass. They are downtrodden and repressed.

The so-called people's unity is nothing but a lie created by "social bots" affiliated with the rival wings in the ruling family, who have been up until the last few weeks and months cursing each other and competing in exposing one another's scandals. These bot accounts are the only ones allowed to express their opinions. However, the majority of the Bahraini people are on the other side, smothered and silenced by the political police who swallowed the public space and turned the country into an imprisonment camp where people are punished for whispering.

There is no differing opinion in Bahrain in order to talk about how the people have now become "united". The only opinion that exists is that of the government loyalists and its mercenaries who felt threatened by the "Al Jazeera" film. They are the only ones who wreak havoc on social media and daily newspapers, and some want to portray this to us as "public opinion". The majority of Bahrainis have had their opinions confiscated, because they are well aware more than the makers of the film of the common services relationship between the government and extremist groups. There is no need to go back to 2003 to find this out. There is a plethora of evidence on this relationship from 2011 to 2013.

Bahrainis have seen how Bahrain's mosques opened their doors for a period of three years in the country's five governorates to raise funds for the "Equipping Ghazi" campaign, which was attended by interior ministry officers and members of the ruling family. They have also seen how the country was an open arena to local extremist preachers and visitors from abroad who were inciting Bahraini youths to fight in Syria and Iraq without being held accountable. Bahrainis have seen how youths killed in external conflicts are being mourned by the official state news agency, Bahrain News Agency. Some of them used to even go to fight and then return to Bahrain multiple times, such as Turki Al-Binali to name one, a terrorist ISIS chief religious preacher, who used to tweet his trips to Syria as if he was going on vacation. The extremist military factions in Syria have been fighting daily to shower us with videos thanking their Bahraini supporters, who are all government officials. These are things close to us and we have seen them. Bahrainis don't need Al Jazeera to know this.

Bahrain Mirror has a full-detailed archive of this period, including videos, audio recordings, photos, articles and deleted Twitter accounts.

Bahrainis who love their country cannot stand with their rulers in these practices at all. They will not be united with them and are not concerned with defending the security apparatus's games with Salafist terrorist groups. Only one thing that can bring Bahrainis together and unite them is when the ruling family decides to reconcile with the people and enter into a national partnership with them. Without that, only "social bot" parasites that feed on ruining the country and dividing the people will stand by the government.


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