Appeals: 5-Year Jail Term Handed down to Saudi over Attempting to Exchange $25,000 Fake Currency in Bahrain

2019-07-16 - 6:07 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Appeals Criminal Court upheld a 5-year jail term against a Saudi national and fined him BD 1,000 for attempting to exchange $25,000 fake currency notes at Bahrain International Airport.

The defendant had allegedly attempted to cheat an exchange house by trying to exchange the counterfeited money at the latter's workplace at the airport. According to the employee's testimony, the defendant, along with another man, approached him as asked if he could exchange $25,000.

The employee then requested the defendant to hand over a few amount of the money for verification before exchanging the large amount. The defendant gave the employee a few dollars to authenticate, however, he quickly escaped after the employee discovered that the money is fake. The employee said that he couldn't chase the man, but he informed the Bahraini International Airport Police about the incident.

The prosecution ordered the deportation of the defendant after finishing his prison term. He, however, challenged the verdict in the appeals court which accepted it in form, rejected it in substance, and upheld the appealed verdict.

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