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Bahrain: Defected Officer Says Protestors were Unarmed, Gov't Fabricates Security Cases

2019-07-15 - 5:18 p

Bahrain Mirror: A senior officer in Bahrain Defense Force confirmed that the protestors in the Lualua Roundabout weren't armed as the Bahraini government tried to promote.

"What is Hidden is Worse" program, aired by Al-Jazeera channel on Sunday (July 14, 2019), hosted Yasser Al-Jalahima, commander of the battalion responsible for expelling protesters from Lualua Roundabout on March 16, 2011.

Al-Jalahima said that the protestors were unarmed. He added that security forces brought a number of arms and took photos of them inside the roundabout area to convict the protestors.

The opposition always stresses that the government fabricates security cases to claim it is facing an armed movement.

This is the first time a defected officer reveals the falseness of security claims.

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