Arab National Sentenced to Death for Murdering an Asian National and Writing “O Hussein” on Wall to Put Blame on Shiites

2019-07-11 - 10:23 p

Bahrain Mirror: Members of the First High Criminal Court have unanimously agreed to impose the death penalty on a 41-year-old Arab national. He confessed that he had deliberately killed an Asian national just because he saw the latter in an intoxicated state. He followed him, determined to kill him, until he reached his home. He assaulted him by beating and strangling until the victim took his last breath while having both hands and feet tied.

The murderer deliberately hid the traces of his crime with chemicals. He tried to mislead the detectives by writing the phrases: "Allah is Great/ O Hussein/ I love you/ No to the victim's country," on the walls of the victim's house, to deceive them into thinking that the motives of the crime were religious and sectarian, and that the murderer belongs to the Shiite faith contrary to the facts.

The court also sentenced the offender who had not succeeded in obtaining a job, during his stay in the island kingdom not more than five months before committing the crime, to three years in prison, over charges of stealing the belongings of the deceased victim and ordered deporting him permanently after he serves his sentence.


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