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Expired Meals Served to Inmates in Jaw Prison: Activist

Activist Zainab Al Khamees
Activist Zainab Al Khamees

2019-07-11 - 9:11 p

Bahrain Mirror: Member of Bahrain Human Rights Society activist Zainab Al Khamees said that the inmates in Jaw Central Prison were served spoiled meals.

"We have two options, either die of starvation or get food poisoned," the activist quoted her brother Ali Al Khamees as saying. "The meal we received today was inedible because of its bad smell. We go hungry and they serve us small quantities. Isn't it enough that the quality of the food is poor and the dishes are unwashed."

"This is not the first time we have received complaints about poor quality meals served at Jaw Prison, and so far there is no supervision over the meal service contractor, despite the knowledge of the prison administration," Zainab Al Khamees noted.


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