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MP Ammar Qambar Sets Final Date for Launching an "Application": First Day of Second Session

2019-07-12 - 3:04 am

Bahrain Mirror: MP Ammar Sami Qambar said that the date of launching the "Application" will be on the first day of the second session. The MP responded to "Bahrain Mirror" comment on this regard saying "Thanks for your continuous follow up and interest in all my suggestions. The Application will hopefully be ready on the first day of the second session, as I agreed with my district residents."

MP Qambar had promised his district voters during his election campaign to take their opinions via an "Application" before voting on any resolution in the council. He also confirmed that he will not give a vote on any project contrary to the results on the application and the desire of the voters who elected him on the Council.

Bahrain Mirror thanks the MP for his interaction with its criticism.

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