234,000 BD Bid for Providing Plastic Bags for Travelers on Gulf Air Flights

2019-07-05 - 5:32 p

Bahrain Mirror: The tenders and bids board opened two bids for Gulf Air, the first of which is to finance the sale and re-lease of 4 (B787-9) aircraft. 8 bids were proposed without disclosing the value of any of them.

The second tender for Gulf Air was for providing plastic bags for business class and Economy class, to which 9 bids were submitted, one of which was suspended, and the lowest tender was about 234.6 thousand dinars, while the highest was approximately $7.2 million (equivalent to 2.7 million dinars).

The Council also opened a tender for the Bahrain Airport Company to export luggage trolleys and its loading at Bahrain International Airport, offering five bids, two of which were suspended, and the lowest of which was about 208.4 thousand dinars.

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