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Family of Prisoner of Conscience Yousuf Hassan Demands Allowing him Treatment, Stopping Harassment

Prisoner of conscience Yousuf Hassan Jassim
Prisoner of conscience Yousuf Hassan Jassim

2019-07-03 - 9:44 p

Bahrain Mirror: Parents of prisoner of conscience, who is sentenced to life imprisonment, Yousuf Hassan Jassim, called for allowing their son to receive treatment, noting that prison officials are depriving him of medical treatment.

The family reported that he suffers from bone and joint pain requiring calcium-rich meals, as well as abdominal distension.

They pointed out that the prison physician refused to give him a check-up in the only time he was referred to the prison infirmary recently.

His family also said he was denied phone calls and was being held in solitary confinement for no reason, stressing that he is being subjected to beatings by a police officer in prison, and calling for putting an end to the harassment he is exposed to.

The prisoner's mother appealed to the prison administration to provide immediate treatment for her son, expressing deep concern over his health.


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