3-Year Jail Term Handed down to 4 Suspects Accused of Smuggling Wanted Person in Political Case via Land

2019-07-03 - 6:01 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Criminal Court handed down a 3-year jail to 4 suspects accused of smuggling a wanted person in political case since 2015 to outside Bahrain, using his brother's (second suspect) identity card without his knowledge. The court acquitted the second suspect of the charges brought against him.

The Kuwaiti authorities told the Bahraini authorities that they arrested a wanted Bahraini through the Interpol while attempting to enter Kuwait. He was returned to Bahrain and it was noticed that he is wanted in a political case and that he left Bahrain through King Fahd Causeway using his brother's identity card. He also used the same ID to pass the Saudi passports directorate, but showed his passport while attempting to enter Kuwait. He was arrested for being wanted and not for impersonating someone.

The suspect confessed during investigations that he agreed with another one living in Iran to help him leave Bahrain. The fifth suspect (residing in Iran) connected the wanted with the third suspect. The third suspect agreed with the first to make him leave the country using the second suspect's ID (brother of first suspect). Meanwhile, the third suspect along with his brother (fourth suspect) accompanied the wanted to outside Bahrain via King Fahd Causeway. 

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