Photo that Provoked Bahrainis

2019-06-27 - 6:26 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A selfie photo of an Israeli military man holding his passport in front of "The Bahraini Society against Normalization with Zionist Entity" building angered Bahrainis, who deemed it a provocation against their rejection of the so-called "Peace to Prosperity" workshop and Zionist presence in their country.

During the first day of the normalization workshop, on June 25, Bahrainis announced on social media outlets their condemnation and complete refusal of the public betrayal of the Palestinian cause taking place on their land. They also expressed their shame regarding the stance of their government which according to them sold the Palestinian cause.

The photo was published by the military man on his account in a previous time. However, its circulation, coinciding with the launching of the deal of the century irritated Bahrainis, as if the photo was saying: I am here on your land and in front of your society that rejects my presence on your land, what are you going to do about it?

 The Bahraini Society against Normalization with Zionist Entity issued a statement regarding the workshop stressing that it comes "against the Bahraini people's will and desire" and said that it considered the photo and found it a "a blatant challenge to our people's sentiments". The society added that the photo proves what the Zionist officials have said earlier that normalization is coming despite the Arab people.

In a symbolic move, a number of the Society's members washed, on June 26, the entrance of the Society headquarters, where the Israeli stood, in a gesture to cleanse the place of the desecration of the Zionist.



Bahraini journalist Ghassan Al-Shihabi commented on his Facebook page on the photo, saying: "It is as if someone is celebrating the rape and humiliation of his enemy and leaving a mark of what he did... The Zionists repeat these photos whenever they "conquer" rebellious countries."

For his part Bahraini journalist Mohammed Fadel Al-Obaidly wrote an article on his Facebook page commenting on the photo: "The Zionists didn't overcome [...] the deeply entrenched psychological complex of them being intruders and usurpers. Their [current] identity was fabricated through theft." He said that this complex is "well-established in their subconscious and consciousness too, so you see that they always act with eagerness that is only found in them in order to prove that they are part of a place and a region that they are absolutely sure they don't belong to. They always insist that they are wandering freely in the places of their enemies."

This complex "is what made this Zionist take this picture, so it did not make me angry too much-although it left me with some pain," Al-Obaidly said. "It is a photo like the pictures of fabrication and the same parade seeking a sense of acceptance from an environment that knows the thief well in consciousness and subconscious."

Khalid Al-Ruwai, a Bahraini artist, commented on his page saying that his country, Bahrain, is opening its doors for Zionists. It is an unprecedented shame. He then asks the officials whether this act is considered disgraceful and provoking to all components of Bahrain's people. He wondered if this is considered a hostile act. Al-Ruwai added that "those who allowed them [Zionists] to enter according to their hostile and terrorist acts are held responsible for insulting my country, Bahrain." He further told them to hang the photo on your walls if they know what humiliation is.

Journalist Nazmi Al-Arqan, for his part, commented on his page: "A photo that summarizes the real goal of the Bahrain conference", which according to him is "not for the purpose of supporting the economy of Palestine and nothing like the organizers of the conference are promoting for. It is to penetrate the Arab system and normalize with it, with or without its consent, and make it agree on selling Palestine with a cheap price, while the Arab States become responsible for paying the exorbitant bill to stabilize the Zionist occupation of Palestine to establish the so-called Greater Israel."


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