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Live Broadcast of Israeli Channel from Manama

2019-06-25 - 4:28 p

Bahrain Mirror: Footage circulated on social media outlets showing a broadcast of an Israeli media outlet from the Bahraini capital, Manama.

A video showed two correspondents from the Israel broadcasting corporation (KAN) talking while Bahrain World Trade Center, one of the famous towers in Manama, appeared behind them.

Photos of many Israeli journalists in Bahrain were circulated. Meanwhile, one of the journalists told AFP that he entered Bahrain using his Israeli passport.

The Arab states usually prevent Israelis from entering their lands and exclude Israelis who hold other nationalities. However, Bahrain's hosting of the economic workshop that paves the way for the deal of century led to allowing entrance of Israelis to Bahrain in huge numbers and in a public way even though the country doesn't establish official public relations with Israel.

The circulated photos and videos provoked the Bahrainis who have repeatedly rejected normalization with Israel at the expense of Palestinian issue.

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