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Interior Ministry Investigates Shiite Cleric, Refers Him to Trial over Religious Event

2019-06-12 - 6:24 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini security authorities investigated on Tuesday (June 11, 2019) Shiite cleric Mulla Abbas Al-Jaziri who was released later and referred to the public prosecution.

Activists said that Al-Jaziri was investigate over a religious event held in the holy month of Ramadan, on the martyrdom of Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb.

Activists explained that the authorities made Al-Jaziri sign a pledge to attend when summoned and referred the case to the public prosecution.

The authorities are launching a vast campaign against Shiite clerics. A couple of days ago, another Shiite cleric was referred to trial over charge of "defaming" the Caliphs.

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