Government Delays Providing Support to Gulf Air, BAS in Critical Phase

2019-06-10 - 3:23 p

Bahrain Mirror: Vice president of Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) Nabeel Khalid Kanoo said that the company is going through a very critical phase, due to the delay of the Gulf Air Company in paying its dues, stressing that the government delays providing financial support for Gulf Air.

"We have to speak frankly, this is a national company that has been working for almost 40 years. The company had a good liquidity and income, and we have a national carrier that everyone is seeking to work with and support, which is the Gulf Air Company. However, the company is now suffering from some financial difficulties and is losing due to Gulf Air, which is delaying to pay BAS company dues, due to the government's delay in paying financial support to Gulf Air, until BAS reached a critical phase," he said.

He added "the company has liquidity but it is decreasing, and the continuation in this pattern and delay in paying the dues to the company for another year and a half will lead the company to the unknown. We are a national company and we do our big role, but the company must have the support it deserves, especially that it has provided great services during the past years."

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