Bahrain and the Deal of the Century: King of Dirty Missions

2019-05-29 - 12:52 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A full month hasn't passed yet since the Entrepreneurship Congress that was held last April and Bahrain has already announced hosting the US-organized economic workshop in June, as a part of a plan dubbed the "Deal of the Century". Why is it always Bahrain?

In the realm of cinema, there is always someone who volunteers to do small or cruel roles that no one would accept. There is always someone who plays this role, no matter how bad it is in return for a tiny amount of money.

The regime has rendered itself a taker, as it grabs the trash thrown in the corridors of political filth. It plays the illegitimate roles that senior actors known for their vulgarity avoid to assume.

There is no doubt that both Gulf states, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, have made Bahrain their theater for all the showcases of normalization with the usurper occupying Zionist entity. Bahrain now presents itself as an "incubator of Israeli and American schemes for all the normalization and hostile plots against the central Arab cause" as Abdulbari Atwan put it.

It is clear that Bahrain, which the regime overloaded by debt, bankrupted its treasury with its corruption, and rendered it dependent on the aid of its neighbors until it became hostage to their political positions and agendas. Bahrain even started to offer itself as the "Ready Station to Provide Services", as expressed by Al-Wefaq former MP Ali Al-Aswad, no matter how dirty the missions and the discontent and indignation of its people were. It does not matter to it, as long as this provides it with the content and grants of the big financiers.

Bahrain, who gets irritated if anyone criticizes its internal political and economic conditions and its problems that are drowning the country and its people, is now offering itself as a facade for passing "the deal of the century" that affects and directly concerns Palestinians, although the Palestinian Authority announced that it has not been consulted on the workshop, and despite the unanimous Palestinian refusal to participate in it, while the United States invited the Zionist regime to attend it.

Bahrain, who is witnessing a economic deficit, bankruptcy of the state treasury, a public debt that accumulates every year, inflated corruption, stifling political crises, shameful human rights violations, and suppressed freedoms, and this country that is fraught with tension, turmoil between the people and the regime, will be hosting a workshop to pass the so-called deal of the century in the name of "Peace for Prosperity", offering itself as the godfather of normalization in the region, and is the first to take malicious steps, one after another, in order to eliminate the rights of the Palestinian people and kill the Palestinian cause, all while licking the boots of the Americans, Israelis and their allies from the Gulf.


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