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Al-Wefaq Addressing Mecca Summits: Reconcile with Your People, Adopt Good Governance instead of Oppression

2019-05-31 - 12:44 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society addressed the following open message to all the leaders, kings, presidents and officials gathered at the three summits in the holy city of Mecca, in which they called them to reconcile with their people, adopt openness and political partnership and the principle of good governance, and redistribute wealth.

The society said in its statement "The people of the Arab and Islamic nations do not yearn for wars, do not encourage fueling conflicts and do not adopt the language of clashes and repulsion. Your peoples have suffered all kinds of weakness, underdevelopment, destruction and regression due to wars, differences and conflicts. Our Arab and Islamic region has become a place for battles, experiments and quarrels, and the nation's funds and wealth have been drained, its identity destroyed and its elements of power taken. Our nation has turned into a ground for conflicts, sedition, problems and crises."

"The peoples of our nation today are more aware and mature than ever before. It has become clear to them that all these conflicts are created and intended for the benefit of the enemies of the nation, who have reached the highest ranks and secured the future of their peoples, while our nation continues to be crushed by hunger, bankruptcy, war, destruction and terrorism due to the policies of our countries and their confusion and recklessness at all levels."

"Reconciling with your people and with various regimes and blocs on strong foundations, providing a decent life, adopting openness, political partnership and the principle of good governance, and redistributing wealth can rebuild this exhausted and deteriorating situation and turn all crises into giant opportunities in the region," the statement read.

The society stressed "The nation has no choice but to come to its senses and to adopt the language of dialogue, peace and reconciliation. There is no place for further backwardness, terrorism, conflict, prisons, oppression, injustice, sectarianism and racism."

Al-Wefaq concluded that "Bahrain is a model that has gone backwards enormously after it decided to abandon comprehensive political reform and political partnership, adopt the policy of tyranny and oppression, open prisons, confront its people and involve itself in regional and international issues. Today it is on the verge of bankruptcy and the social and political situation is about to explode."

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